Monday, April 21, 2008

New - Mommy Cards!

Have you heard of Mommy Cards yet? They are the newest (and handiest) thing to hit a playground near you!

So what are they? Well they are the modern mom’s “business” card. Mom's these days not only have to keep up their social calendars, but their kids have them too! Today's Mom is constantly organizing play dates, parties etc, and need a quick and easy way to pass on their information. So when you're standing in a parking lot trying to arrange a play date with a new friend, it is much more convenient (and fun!) to pull out a Mommy Card than to dig around for a pen and paper. These are also great for leaving information when your child is at an outing that you are not, in case they need to reach you. They are business card size and easily fit into your wallet.

Mommy Cards can be ordered from your session (or a past session). Love 'em! Here is just a quick sample to give you an idea...the design possibilities are endless.

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