Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Let me introduce my framer (and friend)...

I have known Vicki since we were let's just say its been a few years. After many years of moving around with her pro athlete husband, they are now retired and resettled in the Fort Worth area. Many children and grandchildren later, Vicki decided to rep for Creative Memories when they introduced their new framing product last year. After all, she herself has a ton of portraits that needed professional framing! I ordered my So Ho collection (a post back a few pages) and I couldn't be more thrilled with them! I was very in awe of the packaging - its always a bit nerve wracking shipping something with glass but these came so securely packaged and the work Creative Memories did was outstanding. They are a company that I am proud to use for my framing and can highly recommend. Vicki can be reached via the link I have under "Favorite Places" if you're interested in speaking with her...she will come to your home and help you measure walls and pick out mats and frames. That always makes it easier to visual how your finished portraits will look!

And let me just say...Vicki is a great friend, but if I wasn't in love with the product I wouldn't be sharing it here!

Here's a few of the portraits I did for her last year and their finished framing. I especially love the hand shot (5 generations) with the quote included in the mat.

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