Thursday, December 13, 2007

Gigi and the Grinch

I can so clearly remember sitting down with my Dad to watch the cartoon How the Grinch Stole Christmas the year it came out. Every year when it comes out I watch it and it brings back such a happy memory of that time with my Dad. I'm a much bigger kid now (ahem) and I still love watching it!

Happy memories of watching it with my son, and seeing his delight in it also. My son will probably deny this but he's really a big fan of tradition and Christmas (like the year we didn't have brown and serve rolls...he said "what? But we ALWAYS have brown and serve rolls!" I hope my son has his wonderful memories from his childhood like I do with my family.

I had our 13 month old Gigi over yesterday and we watched it. Even though she's still a baby, she was old enough to enjoy it! She loved the beginning when the Whos stand around the tree singing. My puppy even enjoyed Max, the cartoon dog...he kept barking at him! I have to admit, I had to rewatch it today by myself because I was so enjoying watching Gigi watch it last night, that I really didn't see the cartoon at all. So we are now making a memory together.

Hope you and your family make some wonderful memories this Holiday Season. Thanks to all my customers for letting me be a small part of their lives, and capturing their memories, in 2007!

The image attached to this blog is my husband playing Santa and Gigi is the little elf...this is the card I sent out this year to my customers. Even though she watched him put on the suit she still wasn't too sure about him all dressed up!

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