Friday, October 5, 2007

Cutest Little 5 Year Old with Gorgeous Eyes

I met J and her mom yesterday at the park to do her 5 year old pictures....we had a blast! She is such a sweet little girl and I really enjoy photographing her. I can act pretty goofy with her and when I get it right I get rewarded by her giggles...that makes me smile! Her eyes are the most gorgeous color...I can't decide if they're green or topaz...I couldn't stop admiring them when I was editing the session. Here's one from the petti part of our session. Mom sent me this email after viewing her gallery...she made my day!

"J asked me on the way home if next year before her birthday we could do the same thing with Miss Cathy. You'd never know she is terribly shy the way she responds to you. Can't tell you how much I appreciate your ability to capture the little girl I love so well! She also said her favorite part was the red skirt. Who knew?"

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