Friday, September 7, 2007

Sweet Newborn

Fort Worth baby picture of baby wearing cowboy hat
picture of newborn baby in Fort Worth
This sweet little newborn is my grandbaby's new cousin. So Gigi has to share the spotlight now...not sure how she's going to like that! This is her aunt's baby on mom's side (Gigi's dad is my son). So while I still only have the one grandbaby, I hope baby K can be my honorary grandbaby. I'm sure I'll be photographing her almost as much as Gigi. I shot these, headed out of town so this is a very delayed sneak peek while I get back to the session. Here ya go Jen!

I couldn't resist adding one of Gigi we did at the same she is, my little cowgirl! I'm not sure what she thought of wearing a tutu with a cowgirl hat...she kind of looked at me like I was nuts!

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